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Metafora Discs bägit sekä kiekot valikoimaamme

Metafora Discs bags and discs in our selection

More good news!

We have concluded a distribution agreement with the Finnish Metafora Discs. In the future, you will find Metafora's high-quality bags and stylish discs in our selection.

We received a few bags from Metafora Discs for our use and one for the raffle. You can win that bag for yourself on our Instagram@kiekkokingi

The Metafora Discs products presented below:



Metafora -bägi

Bägi is designed for players of all levels. The stylish and minimalistic design catches the eye with its elegance. It is very comfortable on the back and made of durable fabric! The backpack is well balanced and feels really sturdy on the back.

Characteristics of the bag:

  • Padded and breathable back
  • There are reinforcements under the backpack that keep it firmly upright and prevent the fabric from wearing out or getting wet
  • There is plenty of room for adjustment in the straps
  • In the upper part, large putter pockets (2x2 discs) e.g. 2 putters and 2 of your favorite approach discs
  • The reinforced lower part of the bag can hold approx. 18 discs
  • Large side pockets that can hold snacks, rain covers and other accessories
  • Small side pockets for small items, such as markers or a mobile phone
  • 2 pockets for drinking bottles
  • The whole bag is made of durable fabric.



Christmas onion


Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Stability: 0
End Feud: 1

A working animal for a bag or wall decoration!

Sipuli putter product information:

Durable and comfortably flexible premium plastic that guarantees exceptionally good grip in all weathers.



Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Stability: 0
Final Feud: 2

Pirkolla for bird hunting

"Joona, one of the founders and entrepreneurs of Fribastore, has been collecting Colo Lopez's art on his skin and on the walls of his home for a long time. Joona asked Colo to design a disc stamp that would combine birds , Pirkko and traditional tattoo art. We are very satisfied with this special!"

Kiekko is a durable throwing putter made of Ultrium plastic. The discs are made in Finland.


Will Käpy return

Palaako Käpy

Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Stability: 0
Final Feud: 2

The next disc of Metafora Discs' metaphor series "Palaako Käpy?" is ultra-stable midari

Made in Finland, the disc has a comfortable feel and is made of very durable plastic. The puck has gone into the bag for many throwers as a work party for medium distances when you want a straight, sticky, but reliable feid.




Speed: 7
Glide: 5
Stability: 0
Final Feud: 2

A public highway flying like an eagle

Metafora Disc hits again! Now it's the turn of a stable and slippery fairway driver. A puck that players of all levels should have in their bag!

Joona, one of Fribastore's founders and entrepreneurs, has been collecting Colo Lopez's art on his skin and on the walls of his home for a long time. We were so satisfied with Colo's previous production Pirkko that we asked Colo to make Kotka. The end result is amazing!

Kiekko is a durable fairway driver made of Premium plastic. The discs are made in Finland.

Eemil, Samu, Jere & Luka


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