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Uudet käytännöt restockeissa

New practices in restocks

Like many other companies in the industry, our online store has to implement special arrangements for stock replenishment. The new methods of operation are the result of huge demand, and at least for the time being, there seems to be no other viable solution on the market.

Special arrangements will be introduced to prevent overselling of products in the future.

The reserved shopping basket is removed

The reserved shopping cart will be removed during restocking, because the application does not work properly under hundreds of simultaneous clicks. The developers of the application have been contacted and they are developing a solution, but so far there is none. In practice, it means that everyone can add the product to the shopping cart, but the person who paid the fastest gets the product. The product is removed from the selection when the first customer has paid for the product and returned to the store. The best way to ensure receiving the product is to pay for the product quickly.

Bank/credit card as the only payment method

The payment service provider Paytrail will be removed during restocking. The overselling of the products is due to the payment service provider we use, which for now cannot be integrated directly into the Shopify store. The product is registered as sold only when the customer returns from Paytrail back to the online store.

Due to this, in the future during restocks, the only payment methods are Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay. Payment services are provided by Stripe, which can be integrated directly into the online store.

Paytrail's payment methods become active the day after stock replenishment. With these changes, we have been promised that overselling should not happen in the future. However, if errors occur, we will contact the parties concerned immediately.

STRIPE maksutavat

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